Driver Pay

  • Drivers receive a weekly direct deposit of their commission, tips, and any added bonuses they earn.

  • To review your Payment History and Account Information, tap Payment Dashboard on the RICEPO Driver’s app (see picture below)

  • If you experience any problems with incorrect pay, you should send in a Payment Issue under Help and Feedback on the RICEPO Driver’s app (see picture below)

  • The pay period is Monday-Sunday.

  • Pay is sent out from RICEPO to Stripe on Monday, and should be directly deposited by Wednesday every week.

  • To receive pay as soon as possible, every driver must complete their Stripe account before pay is sent on Monday.

  • To complete your Stripe account, go to the RICEPO Driver’s app, press More, and then Setup Payment. Follow the instructions.

  • Commission Rates and Weekly Guarantee Bonuses are subject to change at any moment. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible sustainable average hourly pay for drivers, and we must make occasional adjustments to achieve this.

  • For “Extra Pay” shifts added in an emergency, RICEPO will add an extra $2 per order bonus for the duration of the shift.

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