Guarantee Policy

What is a Weekly Guarantee?

RICEPO occasionally guarantees that the amount you make in per delivery commissions and tips will be at least a certain amount per hour. If your standard per order earnings do not exceed that guarantee, RICEPO will pay you the difference, provided you meet all weekly requirements for the bonus.

How do I qualify for the Weekly Guarantee?

• Follow your weekly Shifts

• Accept 100% of orders

• Average at least 1 order/hour on a weekly basis

• Drop off at least 1 order during all of your shifts throughout of the week

If you fulfill all the above requirements and make LESS than the guaranteed amount per hour in delivery commission and tips, the difference in extra pay will show in your app as “adjustment” on Sunday’s report.

Why Didn’t I Qualify for the Guarantee?

• You made more than the weekly guarantee. Remember, Guarantees are a MINIMUM. If you earned more than the guaranteed amount in delivery commissions and tips, you do not qualify for the guarantee.

• You did not meet the requirement on “How do I qualify for the Guarantee?”

• You failed to follow your weekly Shifts or dropped a shift within 48 hours of the start of the shift.

• Fail rate is more than 10%

• You have delivered orders other than RICEPO orders during your Shifts.

* You will be not considered failing to “follow the shift” if you could find a driver to cover your shift.

* Always communicate with your local manager about any emergency, this can keep you qualified for the guarantee.